Trial by Judge v Trial by Jury

Trial by Jury The trial on indictment of any offence against any law of the Commonwealth shall be by jury, and every such trial shall be held in the State where the offence was committed, and if the offence was not committed within any State the trial shall be held

21/11/2022 Criminal Law

Family Dispute Resolution, Children & the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth)

Family Dispute Resolution (hereinafter ‘FDR’) is a form of mediation that is facilitated by an independent practitioner, who is registered to assist parents to negotiate issues relating to the future care arrangements of their child/ren, after separation. FDR is a cost effective tool to achieve this. It can minimise legal

22/08/2022 Family Law

Family Violence and the Family Law Act 1975

Family violence is not homogeneous or uniform, in its qualities. It can arise in a variety of contexts. It is widespread and can occur in all socioeconomic and ethnic groups. Unfortunately, these types of matters come before the Federal Circuit & Family Court of Australia often. There are a range

06/08/2022 Family Law

Inheritance and Family Law Property Settlement Information Booklet

Property settlement proceedings are expensive. Generally, inheritance is considered to be an asset of the marriage. Like other assets of the marriage, it is subject to property settlement claims from the other party. The information contained within this booklet is of a general nature only and is not a substitute

11/07/2022 Family Law

Caveats or Injunctions: Family Law Property Settlement Cases

An important consideration when separating from your husband or wife or De facto partner, is how to protect any interest that you may have in real property, such as the family home. This Information Booklet is based on the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) and the Real Property Act 1886

29/06/2022 Family Law