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Which business structure should I choose?

Having the wrong business structure can significantly affect your: Tax liabilities. Personal asset liabilities. Compliance costs. Legal responsibilities. You should always speak to a professional such as an Accountant before choosing your business structure. Each structure has tax and or reporting implications about its activities. By obtaining advice you will

Mould in rental property

Disclaimer: This information is for general advice only. It is not designed to replace legal advice. The material in this document does not constitute legal, accounting or other professional advice. While reasonable care has been taken in its preparation, the Matthews Lawyers does not make any express or implied representations

COVID19 Financial Assistance

MATTHEWS LAWYERS COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT – Response to requests for more information. COVID 19 FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE INFORMATION AS REQUESTED – 3/10 Gawler Street Mount Barker SA 5251 0401269091 COVID-19 JobKeeper Payment Enrolling and Applying The legislation for the Government’s proposed JobKeeper payment has now passed. To receive the payments, businesses need