Family Law

Family Law Adelaide Hills

Matthews Lawyers are experts in family law – children’s issues and property settlements, as well as domestic violence law.

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Children’s Issues – Residence and Contact:

Matthews Lawyers can assist you with children’s contact issues. Call 0401 269 091 to speak with one of our family law team, to assist you in the first instance to reach an agreement through mediation and if this is not possible to make an application to the Court for orders. Communication is the key to minimising costs. Talk to the other parent first.

We have resolved issues relating to where children live and what contact the other parent has. Where both parents have become entrenched in their positions and neither is giving any ground to the other. By using the Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) process, we are able to reach agreement about the children and thus AVOID VERY EXPENSIVE TRIAL PROCEEDINGS.

We consider this to be a success. The children no longer have parents who are fighting with each other. Money does not have to be spent going to Trial. The money saved remains with the parties for the betterment of themselves and the children.

Matthews Lawyers will always put your needs before the dollar ($).

Children’s Issues – Recovery of Children

We understand that family law matters are sensitive and an emotional time for all involved particular when one parent wants to relocate one or more children. We can assist you with dealing with these matters and to ensure that appropriate Orders including Parenting Orders and Recovery Orders are in place to then allow the police to take appropriate action. For more information refer to the section at the bottom of this page.

Family Law – Legal Advice and obtaining Court Orders

In family law, the Federal Circuit Court shares jurisdiction with the Family Court of Australia (the Family Court). The Court can hear most types of family law matters, and deals with the majority of divorce applications (with the exception of Western Australia). We can provide legal advice and assistance in relation to an application to the Court for orders covering:

• Parenting – an order regarding the child/ren of a marriage or de facto relationship that has broken down.

• Financial – an order relating to the division of property or payment of maintenance following the breakdown of a marriage or eligible de facto relationship.

• Divorce – all applications for divorce, except orders relating to nullity and validity of marriage and divorce.

• Child Support – certain applications and appeals. See our separate post on this topic.

• Child Maintenance – an order for child maintenance in special circumstances.

• Parentage declarations and testing – an order declaring that a person is a parent of a child/ren or to assist in determining the parentage of a child/ren.

• Contravention – an application alleging a breach of a court order.

• Injunctions – an application for an injunction in a current or pending matter.

• Location and recovery – an order for information or the ability to publish information about a child/ren’s location or the return of a child/ren to a party.

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