Traffic Law

Traffic Law Adelaide Hills

Expert Adelaide Traffic Lawyers: BEFORE you pay your fine check with Matthews Lawyers. You may have a defence or be able to avoid disqualification. Our traffic law experts will be able to discuss with you the options available to you.

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With an examination of the particular circumstances of the alleged offending, it may be possible to reduce the demerit points, keep your licence, avoid or possibly minimise the fines and/or imprisonment, where the penalty is an option for the Sentencing Judicial Officer;

You may think “it is only a traffic offence”; but it can have serious implications for you. The Court will give its penalty but then Services SA can impose a further penalty – demerit points, issue a further Licence disqualification period.

What you can expect from Matthews Lawyers:

1. Honest and forthright advice to identify your options and the relevant costs;

2. Determination of issues and possible options;

3. Identification of the likely outcomes before you make your decisions

4. An explanation of your rights and the legal process

5. The experience to mount a defence on your behalf or submissions to mitigate penalty if no defence is available.

Our attention to details is what allows us to achieve good results for our Clients.

Types of Traffic Law breaches:

1. Drink Driving Offences (DUI) – it is an offence to drive with blood alcohol content over 0.05.

1a. Category 1 offences (blood alcohol reading between 0.05 – 0.08) will result in a fine and a licence disqualification.

1b. Category 2 and category 3 offences (Blood Alcohol levels over 0.08 and 0.15 respectively) carry heavier penalties including with a longer period licence disqualification, and a fine.

If Police have impounded your motor vehicle, then you will also have to pay the impound fee which are very expensive, Victim of Crime Levy, Court Fees and Prosecution costs. The Court may also order that you have an alcohol interlock fitted to your vehicle once your disqualification period has lapsed.

2. Drug Driving Offences:

It is an offence drive a motor vehicle wth an illicit substance – marijuana, methylamphetamine, Ice and so on. It is important to seek legal advice. Imprisonment is available as a sentencing option even for a first offence.

3. Loss of Licence due to Demerit Points

Service SA will send you a letter advising you that you are disqualified from driving a motor vehicle. Do not drive if this happens. Seek legal advice. It may be possible depending upon your circumstances to enter into a Good Driver Option, to allow you drive.

4. Drive Without Due Care:

This is considered to be a serious driving offence. If drugs speed and or alcohol are found to be a contributing factor the penalties are serious. If as a result of the driving without due care you have an accident and either death or injury occurs, imprisonment, significant fines and disqualification are available to the sentencing Judicial Officer and are the starting point to penalty.

Matthews Lawyers is experienced in traffic law and can assist you. Call 0401 269 091 to make an appointment to speak to our team.